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 Post subject: Chicago Bulls Dynasty Report: The Rose Era
PostPosted: Fri Feb 12, 2010 11:11 pm 
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Well i decided to start a new Dynasty....

Im going to start with Bulls.... in 2009 2010

Our FA was quite successful as we got a shooter to replace Ben Gordon in Linas Kleiza, the Bulls manage to get Linas Kleiza for MLE although we try to get Rashad Mccants for Maximum(aka min for max years) but he sign with Pistons instead with 6,529,100 for 2 years.

We call the Pistons GM if he's willing to give Ben Gordon back to Chicago and tadah we got Ben Gordon back... in exchange for Kirk Hinrich and our rookie James Johnson

What it meant for Bulls:
They got there go to guy in Ben Gordon back, might be one dimensional but can still get that 18 to 20 pts to help Derrick Rose not to mention that they also gave up a player that will not be used much with Derrick Rose already on PG in Derrick Rose, We never now James Johnson's upside so let's hope this deal pan out.

What it meant for Pistons:
They already got Rip Hamilton on SG which the Detroit fans love more but what i dont get is why do they need a PG? They have a budding PG in Rodney Stuckey. Oh well they got another PF/SF project to add to there collection of project combo forward.

Who won the deal?
Bulls, they got there shooting guard and only losing a back up point guard and a James Johnson that could be just another scrub. Let's just hope that Ben Gordon's defense will imrpove as he's making a big contract. but Captain Kirk's contract isnt that much worse either.

Our depth in opening week is:

C: Brad Miller/Aaron Gray/Jerome James
PF: Joakim Noah/Linas Kleiza/Tyrus Thomas
SF: Luol Deng/Linas Kleiza/John Samons
SG: Ben Gordon/John Salmons/Linas Kleiza
PG: Derrick Rose/John Salmons/Jannero Pargo


1. Derrick Rose
2. Ben Gordon
3. Luol Deng

Lindsey Hunter was placed in IR

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PostPosted: Fri Feb 12, 2010 11:33 pm 
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We started our opening week with a win against the Jennings and Bucks, Jennigns didnt play much in 10 minutes wherein he scored 4 pts and dish 2 assists, Ben Gordon was held by Michael Redd to only 10 pts and in the other end Michael Redd scored 18 pts and grab 10 rebounds, Bogut added 18 pts and 10 rebounds but Rose was hot enough for the Bucks, Rose is 4 rebounds shy of triple double with 23 pts, 10 assists and 6 rebounds although shooting 10 out of 23, Joackim Noah had 16/10, Brad Miller had 11/13. We won by 7 pts in our opening night.


Our 2nd game was a high scoring one Derrick Rose is really beasting with 36 pts and 11 assists, Ben Gordon added 20 pts what we hope for when we bring him back. Deng added 19 pts and Noah is doing good with 16/8. Danny Granger added 33 for the Pacers and Murphy with 23/13

Bulls 113, Pacers 101

The Bulls got dominated, in 2nd quarter the lead was 27 we manage to get it down to 16 but Chris Paul differentiate himself to Derrick Rose who got 16 pts and 9 assist compare to Paul's 34/9/5, David West added 22 and 11 rebounds, Okafor had 14 rebounds with 18 pts. Ben Gordon is inconsistent with 12 pts this game. Deng had 18 pts.

BULLS 94, Hornets 109

The next stop was in Ohio, as we face Lebron and rejuvenated Shaq who's averaging 16/12, We had the big lead until 3rd quarter but Cavs come back with 97 96 with 4 seconds left, Ben Gordon took the 3 and the game. Derrick Rose added 26 points 7 assists and 7 rebounds while Lebron had 27 PTS 7 REB 3 assists and 3 steals. But Deng was the main man with 28 pts,3 was three point. Ben Gordon had been held for only 9 pts.


Next was the number 1 defending team Magic Shard Lewis scored 27 pts while Dwight had 14 pts 14 rebounds and 6 blocks, Deng was limited to 9 and Gordon to 2. Rose was the only bright spot with 22 pts and 7 assists. We were limited to 82 our lowest this season

BULLS 82, Magic 87

Melo Anthony won the POW with 33.8 ppg,7.8 rpg ,3.8 apg

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 Post subject:
PostPosted: Sat Feb 13, 2010 2:13 am 
Bench Warmer

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Portland is the next stop.

I thought that we're gonna win, we are no .500 team. Broy had 25 pts. BG HAD 20 pts. Rose had 14/11/7. Deng had 23 pts and 9 rebs. Noah had 13/9 oh well. ONLY 2 PTS LOSS

PTB 105, BULLS 103

Another loss

And the losing streak continues. Although Deng had been beasting lately with 26 pts and 7 rebounds for this game.

Gilbert Arenas was too hot for Rose to handle who got 33 pts 7 assists and 4 steals.

Derrick Rose only had 22/8. And Ben Gordon is finally back 18 pts. Noah had 15/12

Wizards 130, Bulls 121

And the injury bug hits Bulls as Rose will be down for 8 days. My best PG is Jannero Pargo ack... Derrick Rose had 21 pts and 7 assists before being injured. Deng only had 14 pts after the 20 or more games. Gordon is really back 18 pts on 2/5 3 pt. Salmons had 16. Finally a win!

Bulls 91, Rockets 80

John Salmons had 27 points the next game, Gordon 21 yay he's no longer inconsistent. Deng had 20. Miller had 14/12 nice. Kleiza is a dud 1/13. wow. Oh well expect we lost against Jazz as they got Deron at there PG. And we only have Jannero Pargo who had 4 pts and 4 assists. Salmons played PG lol

Jazz, 120 Bulls 102

Jannero Pargo fouled out for the 2nd time. We lost again, Rondo was too hot to handle. Ben Gordon is taking over with the uninspired Deng and Kleiza. Noah had 17/12. Brad Miller 18/10. KG had 34 pts and 17 rebounds. Deng had 12 pts. What the hell happened?

Bulls 108, Celts 119

I experimented and look what i have done lol. I made Jannero Pargo my 1st option lol and tadah without any PG except him he had 25 pts and 12 assists lmao. BG had 21 pts Deng had 19. And what even worse is he we drop 3 straight games.

Bulls 110, 76ers 121

LMAO, Jannero is just a one game wonder hahha.Fouled out again in next game. And i was force to play Lindsey Hunter at my PG.Gordon is back on his inconsistent way with 7 pts. Deng had 20. Brad Miller had 16/17 wow. Noah had 17/6

Bulls 88, Grizz 99

Jannero Pargo worked hard. lol he got B+ outside and A- handle on this file BTW. he got another good game as my first option :)) 10/18 WOW with 5 fouls. Brad Miller is also out BTW. Aaron Gray is my Center 19 pts and 8 rebounds. Gordon had 18 pts. Deng is really cool 10 pts. Thanks!

Bulls, 112 Heat 85

We beat the LAL wow. Jannero Pargo had 3 pts and 13 assists and 4 fouls. Gordon had 44 wow!! Miller is now back and he scored 21 pts. Deng had 20. Noah had 11. Kobe had 30 btw.

Bulls 122, Lakers 89

Weeho... Rose is now back we beat the Magic. Dwight Howard had 33/14/5. Rose had 24/10. Pargo had 10 pts off the bench. He's better as a bench player uhh??? Gordon is officially inconsistent 12 pts. Brad Miller had 20. Deng 14 pts.

Bulls 92, Magics 74

Oh and a blockbuster deal

To Bulls:
Danny Granger( B A- C A- C A)
Bonzi Wells

to Pacers:
Luol Deng( B B C B+ C+ A)
2011 first round pick Pacers

What does this mean to Bulls:
They got there real superstar to help Rose and Gordon in terms of scoring. Bonzi Wells is averaging 7 pts and 6 rebounds too. Bulls are probably thinking winning now. The 1st round pick is a bit too much i think. But you can't have anything you have to give something.

What does this mean to Pacers:
They got a first round pick, slight decrease in terms of talent. But in current stats Granger is 20.7 ppg 6.3 rpg 2.1 spg 1.1 bpg compare to 17.5ppg 5.9 rpg 1.7 spg and 0.1 bpg. Deng can still be go to guy of Pacers.

New Depth Chart:

C: Brad Miller/Aaron Gray/Jerome James
PF: Joakim Noah/Linas Kleiza/Tyrus Thomas
SF: Danny Granger/Linas Kleiza/Lindsey Hunter
SG: Ben Gordon/John Salmons/Linas Kleiza
PG: Derrick Rose/John Salmons/Jannero Pargo


1. Danny Granger
2. Derrick Rose
3. Ben Gordon

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PostPosted: Mon Feb 15, 2010 4:12 pm 
6th Man

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Pargo played well for you. His minutes look like they will be constricted now in the 3rd rotation.

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